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Angus Book Award

image of Book Award trophy

Every year pupils from Angus secondary schools decide who wins the Angus Book Award.

They vote for their favourite book from a shortlist of four new paperback novels for teenagers written by UK authors.

Each year the reaction of pupils to the announcement of the winner demonstrates that the Angus Book Award has been successful in raising the profile of books, reading and writing. Teenagers clapping, stamping and cheering the choice of a book shows that empowering pupils works.

Im thrilled to have won the Angus Book Award against such strong competition. The Angus Book Award is very special; and it encourages pupils to do so much more than read they made films, created alternative book covers and wrote reviews. Id like to thank everyone who voted for When I Was Joe.
Keren David 2011 Angus Book Award Winner

Im delighted to have won the Angus Book Award, which has been, and still is, a trail-blazer within the UK. Numbers is my first published book and when I sent it out into the world I had no idea if anyone would read it, let alone enjoy it or connect with it. Ive been overwhelmed by the warmth of the welcome Ive received in Angus and inspired by the enthusiasm for reading in schools here the Angus Book Award has created a real buzz around reading amongst students and staff.
Rachel Ward 2010 Angus Book Award Winner

Winning the Angus Award is very special. It's one of the oldest and the most prestigious local awards which hold children at its heart. For a writer an award like this gives them the chance to connect with their readership in a very real way. When my book FORGET ME NOT won I was delighted. Being a writer has its ups and downs, its good days and bad days. Winning the Angus Book Award was one of my good days.
Anne Cassidy 2009 Angus Book Award Winner

The Angus Book Award was an absolute blast! It more than deserves its formidable reputation. The girls from Arbroath Academy blew me away with their wonderful report on my book at the ceremony. The kids ran the show and they did it brilliantly. I am so proud and happy to have won.
Kate Cann 2008 Angus Book Award winner

A VERY wonderful day! Truly unforgettable. Excitement, intrigue, artwork, rapping, cheering, laughing, thinking, believing, invigorating. . . everything. Including a sun-filled day! What more could anyone want!
Kevin Brooks 2007 Angus Book Award winner

A great evening and unlike any other literary award
Graham Joyce 2006 Angus Book Award winner

It’s a truly amazing event. It buzzes with life, energy and humour, and is one of the most enjoyable celebrations of writing and reading that I have ever experienced.
Terence Blacker 2005 Angus Book Award winner

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