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Angus Book Award

Previous Shortlists and Winners


Theresa Breslin Kezzie
Melvin Burgess The baby and fly pie
Christa Laird But can the phoenix sing?
Maggie Prince Memoirs of a dangerous alien
Sue Welford The night after tomorrow

Winner: Sue Welford The night after tomorrow


Gillian Cross New world
Zoe Halliday Brother cat, brother man
John Loveday Goodbye buffalo sky
Catherine MacPhail Run, Zan, run
Malcolm Rose Tunnel vision

Winner: Malcolm Rose Tunnel vision


Lynne Reid Banks Broken bridge
Julie Bertagna The spark gap
Ann Hallam The power house
Ian Strachan Which way is home?
Robert Swindells Unbeliever

Winner: Robert Swindells Unbeliever


Tim Bowler River boy
Henrietta Branford Chance of safety
Melvin Burgess Tiger, tiger
Annie Campling And the stars were gold
Michael Cronin Against the day

Winner: Tim Bowler River boy


Bernard Ashley Tiger without teeth
Tim Bowler Shadows
Gillian Cross Tightrope
Anthony Masters Days of the dead
Jenny Nimmo The Rinaldi ring

Winner: Tim Bowler Shadows


Catherine MacPhail Missing
Beverley Naidoo The other side of truth
Celia Rees Truth or dare
Hazel Riley Thanis
Malcolm Rose Plague

Winner: Malcolm Rose Plague


Malachy Doyle Georgie
Carol Hedges Jigsaw
Anthony Horowitz Stormbreaker
Geraldine McCaughrean The kite rider
Bali Rai (un)arranged marriage

Winner: Bali Rai (un)arranged marriage


Louise Cooper Demon crossing
Keith Gray Warehouse
Alison Prince Oranges and murder
Malcolm Rose Bloodline
Nicky Singer Feather boy

Winner: Keith Gray Warehouse


Julie Bertagna Exodus
Alan Gibbons The Edge
Keith Gray Malarkey
Philip Reeve Mortal Engines
Malcolm Rose Clone

Winner: Alan Gibbons The Edge


Alison Allen-Gray Unique
Terence Blacker Boy2Girl
Martin Chatterton Michigan Moorcroft, R.I.P.
Graham Gardner Inventing Elliot
Mark Roberts Tomorrow Belongs to Me

Winner: Terence Blacker Boy2Girl


Anne Cassidy Looking For JJ
Chris D’Lacey Icefire
Catherine Forde Skarrs
Graham Joyce TWOC
Beverley Naidoo Web Of Lies

Winner: Graham Joyce TWOC


Theresa Breslin Divided City
Kevin Brooks Candy
Alan Gibbons Hold On
Sue Mayfield Damage
Marcus Sedgwick The Foreshadowing

Winner: Kevin Brooks Candy


Sherry Ashworth Close-up
Kate Cann Leaving Poppy
J.A. Henderson Bunker 10
Graham Marks Omega Place
Anthony McGowan Henry Tumour

Winner: Kate Cann Leaving Poppy


Anne Cassidy Forget Me Not
J.A. Henderson Crash
James Jauncey The Witness
Meg Rosoff What I Was

Winner: Anne Cassidy Forget Me Not


Kevin Brooks Black Rabbit Summer
Anna Perera Guantanamo Boy
Gillian Philip Crossing the Line
Rachel Ward Numbers

Winner: Rachel Ward Numbers


Keren David When I Was Joe
Paul Dowswell Auslander
Nicoal Morgan Wasted
Robert Williams Luke and Jon

Winner: Keren David When I Was Joe


Ian Beck Pastworld
Martyn Bedford Flip
Kevin Brooks iBoy
Phil Earle Being Billy

Winner: Kevin Brooks iBoy


Tim Bowler Buried Thunder
William Osborne Hitler’s Angel
Chris Priestley Mister Creecher
Teri Terry Slated

Winner: Teri Terry Slated