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Our Five Priorities

Angus Council and our community planning partners have agreed to focus on work that will improve the quality of life and help Angus communities to be:

These five priorities will drive our work and, despite the projected cuts, the council will still have more than £250 million to spend on the good-quality, good-value services that will help deliver them.

Outlined here is what the council will be focusing on next year and beyond.

Prosperous And Fair

The council is helping to secure a more prosperous and fair Angus by supporting the development of new and existing businesses, and by marketing Angus as a tourism destination.

We will also provide serviced land and property for businesses, promote mobility and accessibility, and help people access employment and training opportunities.

Learning And Supportive

We want people of all ages to have the learning opportunities that will help them to fulfil their potential and be active citizens.

To help make that happen we are focusing on improving pupil attainment, prioritising the upgrading of school buildings and developing early years provision.

We are promoting positive outcomes for looked-after children and young people, supporting and protecting children and adults most at risk, providing and promoting adult learning and volunteering, and encouraging greater involvement in community life.

Safe And Strong

Working in partnership with the police and local neighbourhoods, we are helping to build communities that we can all be proud to be a part of.

The council is specifically focusing on work to reduce antisocial behaviour, encouraging tenant and community engagement, supporting activities for young people, working to maintain the road and lighting network, and promoting Responsible trading practices.

Caring And Healthy

We are working with NHS colleagues to provide more coordinated, responsive and efficient health and social care services to improve the life expectancy and life chances of our citizens.

The council is focusing on the development of quality affordable housing and accommodation that supports people's needs. We are delivering essential services for people with disabilities and mental health problems, working to reduce the effects and impact of alcohol and drug dependency, and offering leisure and cultural opportunities.


The council plays a key role in protecting the natural environment of Angus as well as providing the services and facilities that make it a desirable place for residents, businesses and visitors.

We are focusing on ensuring land-use plans support developments and protect the environment, developing waste management and recycling and the provision of parks and open spaces.

We are working with partners and communities to alleviate the effects of climate change, such as more frequent flooding and severe winters, and encouraging alternatives to the car.