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The Winter family and Winterdyne,
Queens' Street, Carnoustie

Plan of Winterdyne, Carnoustie
Plan of Winterdyne, Carnoustie

Provost George Winter of Carnoustie built a large house called Winterdyne for his bride to celebrate their marriage around the beginning of the 20th century. Winterdyne is a large and elegant mansion on Queens Street, overlooking Carnoustie House grounds. Although it was considered the last word in elegance when it was built, it did not have mod cons such as electricity.

George Winter was a boot and shoe manufacturer in Carnoustie and Provost of Carnoustie. His father John Winter had also been a councillor on Carnoustie Town Council. John Winter had commenced shoe and boot manufacturing in 1851 in a shop near the Cross. In 1874 John Winter opened a large factory on the East Path. By the late 1880's Winter employed 200 hands, manufacturing about 2500 -2000 pairs of boots and shoes a week. The company sold to both the home and the colonial markets. Trade with America was a lucrative business and the firm produced some early golf footwear. John Winter was known as a political Radical and his cabriolet and high-stepping pony were often to be seen conveying speakers to other parts of the county.

In March 1952, after a little more than 100 years of production, the works closed. The town had lost 130 jobs, roughly half of which were held by women. The end had come swiftly as only a year or two previously the "Carnoustie" brand had been going strong. It was considered a superior brand of shoe. New legislation and cash flow problems were the firm's downfall.

Provost George Winter left Winterdyne to the Carnoustie, Barry and Panbride Sick Nursing Association on his death. Unfortunately the Association found the house too big and expensive to run. In 1923 the Association decided to sell the house. The Church of Scotland and Angus County Council had previously turned it down as uneconomical for their needs. It was later split into 2 houses in the early 1950's.

Any further information about the Winter family, their business and the house itself would be welcomed by Angus Archives.

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