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People of Angus

Thomas Moonlight Lola Montez Alexander Brown Louis Black Thomas Molison George Paul Chalmers

Angus has been home to many creative, inventive, talented, scientific and notorious people. Some are famous such as J. M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, while others are less well known, such as James Chalmers, the Arbroath born man who really invented the adhesive postage stamp. We will take a look at the lives of men and women who have contributed to the heritage of Angus and Scotland, if not the world. Many of these people have made contributions to the worlds of science, such as Sir Charles Lyell, art and literature including George Paul Chalmers, and Violet Jacob. One of the most famous people of Angus was Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Others are more notorious than famous and include the mistresses of kings (Lola Montez), witches (Helen Guthrie) and criminals (Margaret Shuttleworth). We will also examine the lives of more ordinary people who help us to understand and enjoy the riches the past has to offer.

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