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General Information

Arbroath Guide Book cover

Arbroath Library holds a collection of books and ephemera highlighting all aspects of Arbroath past and present. Many other areas of Angus are also represented. There is a microfilm viewer, microfiche reader and a photocopier for public use.

Old Parish Registers (OPR’s)

Each library holds the OPR’s for its immediate area.

An Angus wide collection of OPR microfilms can be found in Angus Archives.


Each library holds the census for its immediate area.

An Angus wide collection of census on microfilm can be found in Angus Archives.

International Genealogical Index (IGI)

The IGI for Scotland is available in all full time libraries.

Newspapers - held on microfilm

Arbroath Herald 1838 - date Indexed 1889 - 1985
Arbroath Guide 1841 - 28 December 1989
(1844 - 1978 on microfilm)
Indexed 1844 - 1978
Arbroath Journal 1841 - 1842
1839 on microfilm

The newspapers were indexed by name and subject until 1985. Warning! The births, deaths and marriages columns were not indexed and only the main obituaries were indexed.

Voters Rolls

Arbroath Library has only a few voters rolls for 1921-1924.

Index of Registers of Qualified Voters (Burgh and Parliamentary) 1832 - 1857.

See also Oliver & Boyd’s Edinburgh Almanac Angus Supplement for Arbroath voters, held in Forfar Library.

Valuation Rolls

County Valuation Rolls: 1856-57; 1890-91; 1908; 1919-20; 1922-27.

Monumental Inscriptions (M.I.’s)

Pre-1855 Gravestones in Angus - ed. A. Mitchell.


Arbroath Year Book and the Eastern Angus Directory 1889 - 1956.

NOTE: 1915, 1917-19, 1921, 1927, 1941 - 47 missing.


Arbroath Library holds a very small collection of maps, mainly Ordnance Survey.


John Colville’s Protocol Book, 1775 - 1783

Arbroath Burgesses, 1790 - 1975

Commissioners of Supply, 1870

Register of Qualified Voters (Burgh & Parliamentary), 1832 - 1857

Fishing Boat index abstracted from the Arbroath Register of Fishing Vessels c.1812-c.1893


Arbroath photographs may now be found with Angus Archives.

And Finally.....

Certain names are very common in Arbroath e.g. Cargill, Beattie, Swankie, Pert etc. If you do not have an address it is almost impossible to identify the “correct” ancestor.

Available is a list of indexes, transcripts and holdings of manuscript and burgh material held by Angus Archives at the Angus Archives.


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