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General Information

1950 Guide to Montrose

Montrose Library holds a collection of books and ephemera highlighting all aspects of Montrose past and present. Many other areas of Angus are also represented. There is a microfilm viewer, microfiche reader and a photocopier for public use.

Old Parish Registers (OPR’s)

Each library holds the OPR’s for its immediate area.

An Angus wide collection of OPR microfilms can be found in Angus Archives.


Each library holds the census for its immediate area.

An Angus wide collection of census on microfilm can be found in Angus Archives.

International Genealogical Index (IGI)

The IGI for Scotland is available in all full time libraries.



Newspaper Dates
Montrose Standard 1853 - 1970
Montrose Chronicle 7 August 1895 - 30 Dec. 1896
Montrose & Brechin Chronicle 6 January. 1897 - 20 July 1898
Montrose, Arbroath & Brechin Review 17 Apr. 1818 -18 October. 1839, 1844 -1875, 1884 -1919 (1848 missing)
Montrose Review 1920 - 1998
Scottish Nation 8 May 1923 - 25 Dec. 1923

Bound Copies

Montrose Review 1811-1859 (1825 missing)

The Montrose newspapers are not indexed.

Voters Roll

Lists of Montrose voters can be found within the Montrose Yearbooks and in Oliver & Boyd’s Edinburgh Almanac. Angus & Mearns Supplement, which is held in Forfar Library.

Valuation Rolls

Burgh 1855 - 1902  Microfilm

County 1855 - 1902 Microfilm

Angus Archives holds Valuation Rolls for Montrose after 1902.


Montrose Yearbook & Directory 1884 - 1979
(Missing - 1886, 1889, 1904, 1924)

Monumental Inscriptions (M.I.’s)

Pre 1855 Gravestones in Angus - ed. A. Mitchell


The Library holds a collection of Ordnance Survey maps.


Angus Archives holds a collection of original photographs of Montrose. Montrose Library holds the entire collection as contact prints.

Available is a list of indexes, transcripts and holdings of manuscript and burgh material held by Angus Archives at the Angus Archives.


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