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Kirriemuir Gateway to the Glens Museum

photo of interior of Kirriemuir Museum

About the museum

Kirriemuir Gateway to the Glens Museum is situated in Kirriemuir Town House, a building that has been at the heart of Kirriemuir since its construction in 1604. The Museum opened in 2001 after the building was carefully restored and conserved.

The building houses displays on two floors along with a reception area/shop. Toilets, including one accessible to wheelchair users are available within the museum.

Overview of our collections

Here at Kirriemuir Gateway to the Glens Museum, local people and visitors to the town can discover the unique atmosphere of historic Kirriemuir and the splendour of the Angus Glens. Stepping through the door, visitors experience a vivid introduction to the history, culture and natural environment of ‘Kirrie’ and the Angus Glens, part of the Cairngorms National Park, recordings of local people, a touch screen computer and a variety of temporary displays that take place throughout the year give visitors further information about the story of Kirriemuir and the Glens.

On the ground floor we look at the town’s history. A detailed model transports visitors to the town in 1604, the year the Town House was built. The origins of Kirriemuir’s name are explored and information about famous Kirriemarians such as J.M. Barrie (Author of Peter Pan), Peter Hood (Inventor of an early typewriter) and a display of memorabilia about rock star Bon Scott of AC DC fame, who was born in Kirriemuir, can be found. A variety of temporary displays also take place throughout the year. Upstairs the wildlife, geology, history and archaeology of Glen Prosen, Glen Isla, Glen Clova and Glen Doll are explored. A diorama brings visitors face to face with some of the wildlife of the Glens - an eagle glares imperiously from a crag whilst two hares in winter fur leap onto their hind legs to box each other.


  • On Wednesday 11th September, 2013 the J. M. Barrie Freedom Casket was officially presented to the museum and it is now on display in an exhibition devoted to Sir J.M. Barrie. Purchased with the help of The Arts Fund and the National Fund for Acquisitions the casket; also known as the ‘Heart of Kirriemuir’ was made by silversmiths Brook & Son, George Street, Edinburgh in 1929. Decorated with images of sites in Kirriemuir which held significant memories for Barrie and an enamel coat of arms, the pictorial plaques represent the Kirriemuir Townhouse, where the museum is housed, Barrie’s House, the statue of Peter Pan and the Barrie Pavilion, where the Camera Obscura is housed. The exhibition brings together significant objects from the day Barrie was awarded the freedom of Kirriemuir, 7th June, 1930, including the Silver Freedom pen and the Book or Register of Honorary Burgesses of the Burgh of Barony and Regality of Kirriemuir.

J M Barrie Freedom Casket
  • On the ground floor are two fine examples of long case clocks made in Kirriemuir around the 1800’s, between 1795 – 1877 there were some twelve clock makers operating in the town. One by local clockmaker John Bower was donated by Mr. John Drummond, whose family has owned it for several generations. The clockmaker was in business in Kirriemuir between 1790 and 1820, manufacturing clocks in kit form for self assembly by buyers. The weights, pendulum and assorted iron parts are likely to have been made in the smiddy at Kinnordy.

Kirriemuir long case clocks
  • Kirriemuir ‘1 - 18’ Pictish stones. - Eighteen finely carved early medieval stone sculptures have been found in Kirriemuir and are now part of the museums collections.

    The number of elaborately carved stones found here strongly suggests that Kirriemuir had a sophisticated Christian community in that period. Kirriemuir ‘1 - 17’ are displayed at the Meffan Museum at Forfar while Kirriemuir ‘18’ is on display here in the museum.

photo of Kirrie Pictish Stone
  • In partnership with the Cairngorms National Park the recently refurbished Tourist Information area provides a wide range of publications which are free to take away about the surrounding area and national park.

Tourist Information

How can I find out more

Almost all our collections are on display, the curator will be pleased to answer enquiries about our collections.

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