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About this collection

photo of William Lamb

William Lamb was a man who gave all to his art. Worldly success and the politics of art interested him not at all. He may be revealed now as one of the few original minds in Scottish art of this century.

The building was William Lamb A.R.S.A.’s studio from 1934 to 1951 and is retained much as it was on his death. It was given to the town on the death of the sculptor, at his specific request, and was opened by the Montrose Town Council as a memorial to Lamb in 1955. The studio then underwent a complete renovation in 1978 by Angus District council.

The artists sculpture, prints and drawings are displayed in the studio. Also featured are his workroom and tools and his living room with self-styled furniture.

What are the highlights of the collection

In 1932 Lamb was commissioned by the Duchess of York, a native of Angus, to model portrait heads of her daughters, the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose. Impressed by his skill, the Duchess also commissioned Lamb to produce a portrait of herself. These works are on display in the William Lamb Studio.

  • “The Princess Elizabeth”
photo of The Princess Elizabeth
  • William Lamb modelling the Scottish comedian
    Tommy Lorne 8 hours after commencing work.
photo of William Lamb modelling the Scottish comedian Tommy Lorne
  • “Gale Force”
photo of Gale Force

How can I find out more

The Studio is open to the public in the summer months and at other times by arrangement with the curator of Montrose Museum. See Angus Council Fine Art Collection for more information of the artworks and display programme of Angus Council.

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