Apply for planning permission

  1. What needs planning permission
  2. Pre-application advice
  3. Submitting your application
  4. Decisions and appeals

What needs planning permission

Planning permission is required for most forms of development. It includes most activities involving building and engineering works and most changes of use of buildings and land.

There are some minor forms of development which do not usually require planning permission. For instance laying a garden path or repainting the woodwork of your house.

Permitted development 

In addition, certain types of developments are deemed to have automatic planning permission and do not require an application. This is called permitted development.

These can include:

  • garden sheds 
  • greenhouses
  • fences and walls of a certain height
  • house extensions (depending on size, position and height and whether or not the house has been extended before)
  • temporary changes in the use of land

In some instances permitted development rights may have been removed by, for example, the imposition of conditions on a previous planning permission for the property and/or land.

In addition, if a building or other feature is ‘listed’ as being of historical or architectural interest or is situated within a Conservation Area, permission will often be needed even if the development is otherwise permitted.

Please contact the council before starting work to check if permission or consent is required. Officers will always advise that formal enquires are made in writing.

Permitted development rights also apply to non-domestic property, please contact our planning service via ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778 to determine if you need planning permission.

More information on permitted developments is available from the Scottish Government.

Please note that other consents and permissions might be required such as building standards, roads construction consent and civic licensing.

Hazardous substances consent 

If you wish to submit an application for Hazardous Substances Consent please complete the hazardous substances consent application form.

Section 50 Licensing Certificate 

If you are applying for a licence under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 you may require a certificate from planning. Please complete the licensing application for planning and building standards.

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