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SHOKK® Junior Gym

Based at Montrose Sports Centre, the SHOKK® youth gym is designed to encourage under 18s to be active. The facility provides accessible, affordable physical activity for all young people in the region as part of a commitment to get young people fit and healthy, working with all sections of the community in the fight against obesity. It will also provide a platform for future Olympic champions and athletic stars of the future.

SHOKK® 'The Youth Fitness Specialists' are the company that have supplied the concept (visit the SHOKK® website). Rather than simply scaling down adult gym kit, which would be dangerous for the growing bodies of young people, SHOKK® equipment was specially developed by the company's sport science team in close collaboration with leading UK research institutions. The end result was a set of gym equipment and training uniquely designed to accommodate the growing bodies of young people and provide a low impact workout that is completely safe.

Further details and booking arrangements from Montrose Sports Centre 01674 676211