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Issued: 14 April 2004

Bridge Start Date Agreed

Contract work on the new Montrose bridge project is now underway with work starting on site on Monday 28 June.

Angus Council has agreed the on-site start date with contractors Balfour Beatty in anticipation of there being no last minute hitch with the Bridge Scheme process before the validation date of 30 April.

The contractors can now get on with the design and specification of the temporary bridge for submission to the council for approval in mid May. Balfour Beatty will then be able to place an order for the production of the temporary structure, which should be opened to traffic by October.

This will allow work to begin on the demolition of the existing bridge.

BT is already carrying out some preparatory work in advance of their cabling being diverted from the existing to the temporary bridge. They have started work on the south side of the existing bridge with work to follow on the north side. Traffic management measures will be in place during this time.

Infrastructure Services vice-convener and Montrose councillor Kitty Ritchie said the council was pleased to finally have a confirmed date for work to start on site. "As usual with a construction project of this scale there are many hoops to get through before getting to this stage. Now that the agreement with the contractors has been finalised, all the relevant Scottish Executive planning and environmental approvals are in place and the Crown Estates issue has been resolved only the validation of the Bridge Scheme is still outstanding. It is now past the point when anyone could object to the new bridge itself, only a court action to challenge the procedures that have been followed could hold things up.

"We don't anticipate there being any legal challenge so rather than wait another few weeks we decided to go ahead and agree an onsite start date with Balfour Beatty. This allows them to get on with the necessary off-site work in preparation for the end of June construction start date."

The temporary bridge will be constructed upstream from the existing bridge and traffic will be rerouted over it while the existing bridge is demolished and the new bridge constructed in its place.