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Issued: 24 December 2003

Mid Links Montrose

The restoration of Montrose Mid Links starts in January.

AWG Construction the successful contractors for the restoration project are proposing to start on site in the New Year, beginning in Scott Park and Green Park in January with most works there completed by April.

Work to Jamieson Park will start in March with completion in May. The Hope Paton and Wellington Gardens work will begin in April and May respectively with both areas completed by June. Churchyard Walk will also start in April with completion of that part in July.

Academy Square and Panmure Gardens will be completed over the summer holidays starting in June and ending in August and Melville Gardens will be restored between August and October.

The works programme aims to minimise the disruption to life in and around the Links. It will ensure that parks are returned to use well within the contract period and the community will see the benefits early in the project.

The Mid Links project is a £1.8 million pound restoration project between Angus Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund. The contribution of the Heritage Lottery fund is £1.2 million pounds.