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Issued: 28 January 2004

Mid Links Goes Green

Work on the restoration of the historic Mid Links in Montrose is now in full swing.

Recent work has included the removal of the old railings round Scott and Green Park in preparation for new/repaired stone copes and new railings.

In the meantime, the paint has been analysed to establish the original colour of the railings and other metal work.

This has shown that they were originally painted dark olive green with details in the cast iron work being highlighted in gold.

The restoration will use these colours for the new railings and other restored ironwork such as the Deans lamp in Panmure Gardens and the restored new entrance archways for Scott Park and Green Park.

Tree felling and replanting will also begin soon, the trees being replaced with an average of twice as many extra heavy standard trees in Green Park, Scott Park, Dorward Place, Wellington Gardens and Hope Paton Park by the end of March 2004.

The tree removal has been brought forward in these last three parks as early March planting does not interfere with the restoration work and in the case of Hope Paton it will occur before the bowling season.

The £1.8million restoration of the Mid Links is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Angus Council.