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Issued: 18 February 2004

Multi Million Boost For Recycling In Angus

Recycling in Angus has received another boost with the news of a multi-million pound government grant.

Just a week after it was revealed that Angus was the country’s top recycler, the Scottish Executive today (Wednesday 18 February) announced major funding towards the development of recycling in the area.

The cash injection of nearly £5million over the next two years will enable Angus Council to develop kerbside waste recycling systems across the county.

A pilot kerbside recycling scheme has been running successfully in Arbroath for some time, and the new funding will give all Angus householders a convenient way to recycle their waste.

Among the items which can be left at the kerbside for recycling are glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, food and drink cans newsprint and green compostable waste.

The scheme will be rolled out progressively across Angus over the next three years.

Visiting Arbroath to see kerbside recycling in action, Joy Mowatt, Convener of Environmental and Leisure Services, said: “At last we have substantial funding for kerbside recycling schemes, thanks to this announcement which we have been expecting for several weeks.

“Recently Angus citizens have been praised for their recycling habits and, although we are already the best recyclers in Scotland, this will now be easier for everyone as we can collect the material for recycling door to door.

“I look forward to seeing these systems in place as they will totally change the way we look upon our waste.”

Angus Council has been formally offered grant support from the Strategic Waste fund for the financial years 2003/2004 to 2005/06. The amount for this period is £4,818,000. Funding for the period 2003/04 is £757,000; funding for the period 2004/05 is £1,308,000; funding for the period 2005/06 is £2,753,000.

A further grant (subject to future spending review) of £16,216,000 for the financial years 2006/2007 to 2019/2020, has also been announced. The awards are subject to conditions of delivery of the project.