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Issued: 27 February 2004

Tenant Participation Strategy Launch

Angus Council has produced a new strategy to encourage more tenant participation in the county.

This updated tenant participation strategy, which runs until 2006, builds on the previous work done in the county to encourage tenants to engage with local authorities and housing associations.

Every landlord must have a tenant participation strategy that promotes tenant participation.

Launching the updated tenant participation strategy Housing Convener Frank Ellis said: “Tenant participation is not new to Angus as we have been keeping tenants informed and involving them in many of the things we do for some time.

“We want the very best for our tenants and their views, opinions and suggestions are very important to us.

“For example during the recent rent setting process, we took on board and implemented tenants' views. We genuinely consider what our tenants have to say and aim to act on their views.

“Although there are many tenants groups already working with us in Angus, I am keen to see more of these organisations evolve and this updated strategy is the key to making that happen.”

The purpose of the tenant participation strategy is to ensure tenant involvement in ongoing improvements in the landlord's performance by supporting and enabling tenants to participate.

The intention of the Scottish Executive is that tenant participation strategies will constantly evolve and landlords are therefore expected to keep them under review, to update them in light of experience from engaging with registered tenant organisations, those who are involved in existing associations and groups and individual tenants.

Using good practice examples from elsewhere will also help with this task. Copies of the tenant participation strategy summary and a covering letter will be sent to all tenants this week.