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Issued: 9 March 2004

Angus Pupils March Into Science

OVER 1000 pupils from across Angus are taking part in a 'March into Science' week (8 -12 March). Pupils from the county's P6/7 classes have been experiencing an exciting and stimulating variety of science related activities, workshops and dramas across Angus.

Taking place at eight schools and a number of local farms, where the Royal Highland Educational Trust is exploring science on the farm, young people are finding out more about DNA, weather stations, waste recycling, satellites and the rainforest.

In the Zoolab rangers' Vertebrates and Invertebrates workshop pupils are being introduced to giant land snails, scorpions and snakes and are finding out about surface tension, molecular bonding and gases from Mr Bubbles' experiments with bubble shapes and volumes.

The week has been organised by Angus Council, Careers Scotland and the STEM partnership to expand pupils' knowledge of the world of science and the part it plays in everyday life.