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Issued : 7th June 2004

Reduction In Social Work Complaints

The number of formal complaints lodged with Angus Council's Social Work and Health department fell last year.

Members of the council's Social Work & Health Committee (3 June) noted that the complaints procedure annual report for 2003/04 revealed a slight reduction in formal complaints.

Social Work and Health convener Glennis Middleton said: "When anyone has a concern or a complaint about social work services every effort is made to resolve any difficulties within the service and deal with it as quickly as possible. However where it is not possible to resolve someone's concerns they can be investigated more formally outwith the service area.

"It is important that people know that social work take any concerns about its services very seriously. Responding to and investigating complaints not only allows us the opportunity to put things right for the person making the complaint but also allows us to improve our services where this is necessary."

The Social Work Complaints Procedure Annual Report 2003/04 can be viewed at main social work offices or online at .