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Issued: 24 August 2004

Countesses & Cottars At Kirriemuir Gateway To The Glens

Kirriemuir Townhouse’s 400th birthday celebrations continues next week with ‘Countesses and Cottars’, an illustrated talk on the lives of country folk towards the end of the 17th century.

Mary Young of the University of Dundee is giving the talk on 2 September at the Gateway to the Glens Museum. It focuses on the lives and work of the women, the countesses and the cottars, who lived in the countryside of Strathmore and the Carse of Gowrie in the 1690s.

It will be an apt sequel to last Thursday’s fascinating talk by the Reverend Margaret King in which she took the audience back to what it was like for a Kirriemarian in the 17th Century when the Townhouse was new.

Margaret recounted one particularly prevalent crime of the time - usury - the charging of an illegally high interest rate on loans, which was apparently common in Kirriemuir. Another story gave an insight into house flitting of the time, when as well as taking their furniture, people used to take doors and rooftrees as well!

While Margaret’s talk concentrated on what urban life would have been like 400 years ago Mary Young will be talking about the lives and work of people, particularly women, living in the countryside.

The ‘Countesses & Cottars’ talk is on 2 September at 2pm. The talks have been very popular so if anyone would like to come to Mary’s free talk they should book ahead to ensure a place.

The museum is now also selling tickets for the eagerly awaited drama production ‘Common Threids’. Tickets are available for the 16, 17 or 18 of September and cost £5.

For more information or to organize photographs get in touch with Fiona Guest, Kirriemuir Gateway to the Glens Museum, The Square, Kirriemuir, T: 01575 575479 or at