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Issued: 22 September 2004

Council On Track To Reduce Energy Consumption

Efforts by Angus Council to reduce the impact of energy consumption on the environment are paying off.

Latest figures from the council reveal that the carbon dioxide produced by the authority’s non-housing properties, has been slashed in recent years.

The council monitors and reports on the environmental impact resulting from the consumption of energy.

The figures for the end of the financial year 2003/04 show a significant 20% reduction in the production of carbon dioxide from the consumption of energy compared with the previous year.

This reduction is mainly due to the impact of green electricity - generated from renewable resources - which substantially increased in financial year 2003/04.

Even without green electricity, the supply of which cannot be guaranteed in the future, the underlying trend of carbon dioxide production shows a continuing reduction of 5 per cent.

This is due to the council’s work in promoting various initiatives to cut energy consumption on its non-housing properties.

These include setting maximum heating temperatures, the adoption of good housekeeping practice supported by education, awareness and training, Energy Spend to Save initiatives and the improvements to the energy efficiency of buildings when new build and major refurbishments are undertaken.

Alex King, convener of resources and central services, said: “I am pleased that the council’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact resulting from the consumption of energy is paying dividends. It is essential that these environmental initiatives continue and achieve further reductions in CO2 production to ensure that the council can continue to fulfil its obligations regardless of any changes in the availability of green electricity.”