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Issued: 29 October 2004

New Consultation for Young People

Young people are being urged to get on line and give their views to the Angus Child Protection Committee.

The committee is consulting with the young people of Angus to make sure it provides the right type of information for them about agencies which can offer assistance when they have concerns for their own or another young person's well being and protection.

In particular the committee would like to hear young people's views about who they would go to when they have concerns, what type of information they would like to receive and where they would go to find the information they need.

To provide young people with an opportunity of expressing their views a questionnaire has been placed on the Angus Youth Information Portal.

If you are a young person and feel you would be able to assist the committee please log onto to and visit the survey section to complete the survey.

The consultation ends on 30 November.