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Issued: 09 November 2004

Beating The Winter Blues In Angus

The Angus salt mountain is now in place as the county prepares for winter.

As the colder weather bites, Angus Council has produced a leaflet outlining its plans to keep roads and footpaths clear when temperatures drop.

The leaflet details the winter maintenance programme in Angus and is available from council offices, libraries, police stations and some filling stations.

It is also available on line at and by calling ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.

Angus Council maintains over 1100 miles of road and associated footways and in an average year spends around £1.5 million dealing with winter weather conditions.

Determined to fight the elements and keep the county on the move, this year the Roads Department has stockpiled 14,000 tonnes of marine salt, sourced from Spain.

The department’s winter maintenance service covers priority, auxiliary and non-priority carriageways, and priority and non-priority footways.

As in previous years, priority carriageways and footways will be treated first and given extended winter maintenance coverage.

Auxiliary routes cover roads which are at a higher altitude than the rest of the network and are more prone to icing, but have lighter traffic than priority routes. These routes are treated before the school bus runs from Monday to Friday.

Non priority routes are only gritted after priority routes have been satisfactorily treated. During prolonged snow conditions, priority and auxiliary routes are cleared before non-priority routes are dealt with.

The council only attends to listed public roads and footways - unadopted roads and footways are the owners’ responsibility.

There are around 500 grit bins provided throughout the county for use by the public on a self-help basis, and the council is appealing to local people to support its efforts if the area is gripped by snow and ice this winter.

The leaflet includes safe driving tips and advice on what to do if you do get stuck in heavy snow, but the message is - drive with due care and attention taking account of the prevailing conditions and don't assume that the road or footway has been treated. Even when roads have been gritted, remember that it takes some time for salt to become effective.