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Issued: 19 November 2004

Carers Card Improvements

The Carers Card Scheme in Angus is being enhanced to provide carers and their dependants with an improved service in the event of an emergency.

The existing Emergency Carers Card Scheme, operated by the Angus Carers Centre, offers an immediate response when an emergency either delays or prevents a carer from caring for their dependants.

The new service will have the additional benefit of essential and confidential information being held on the Community Alarm database, to provide staff with relevant and necessary information about the person to be cared for.

The new cards issued to carers will feature an emergency phone number to be used to alert Community Alarm staff to the urgent need of the vulnerable person in their care. A call to that number will trigger immediate action during the day or night.

To register with the free scheme, carers will have to provide the essential information required about themselves and the person for whom they care, including specific medical details and caring needs. Along with this personal information, details of an emergency contact person and a key holder will be held on the secure Community Alarm database, under the terms of the explicit consent given by the carer and the service user.

Once registered, carers will be issued with an emergency carer card with a unique reference number. The carers will be asked to state this number when they call, to identify them on the Community Alarm database. When contacted Community Alarm staff will use the information held on the database to either contact an emergency key holder or provide immediate care until a more permanent solution can be found.