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Issued: 3 December 2004

Golf Course To Remain Major Asset To Angus

Angus Council has moved to assure residents that one of the county’s major attractions will not be affected by new legislation.

The end of November saw the abolition of feudal rights in Scotland.

Concerns had been expressed to the council that this would affect the golf courses in Carnoustie, and could see the land being used for another purposes in the future.

However the council’s Convener of Resources and Central Services, has moved to allay fears.

Alex King said: “The council has taken expert advice on this matter and can assure local people that this new legislation does not affect the future of any of the Carnoustie golf courses.

“The council shares the view of local people that the golf courses in Carnoustie play a vital role in the economy not only of Carnoustie but in Angus as a whole.

“They bring significant part in promoting Angus on an international stage, as well as being part of the fabric of local life. The council is pleased that they will not be affected by this new Act, and will remain a major asset to Angus in the future.”