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Blue Badge Scheme

The Blue Badge Scheme provides a national arrangement of parking concessions for people with severe walking difficulties who travel either as drivers or passengers.

The scheme also applies to registered blind people and people with severe disability in both arms who are unable to operate, or have considerable difficulty in operating, all or some types of parking meter.

A badge can also be issued for a child aged 3 and under if the child has a medical condition which requires that he or she is accompanied by bulky equipment or the child's medical needs require that they must always be kept near a vehicle so that if necessary, the child can be treated for their condition in the vehicle or taken quickly to a place where they can be treated.

Blue Badges can also be issued to organisations that transport people with disabilities.

The badge costs £20 and is normally valid for 3 years. The badge is free for children (those aged 16 or under, or under 19 and still in full time non-advanced education i.e. up to and including Scottish Highers or National Certificate). There is a charge of £4.60 for a replacement badge.

Changes from 1 January 2012

As a result of new legislation effective from 1 January 2012, Angus Council, like all other local authorities in the UK, has been required to make some changes to the administration of the Blue Badge Scheme.

Applicants from 1 January 2012 for a disabled persons parking badge or Blue Badge will be issued with a new design of badge. There is also a new style application form, which is larger and gathers more detail. Online facilities are also available to apply for a blue badge, track the progress of an application and report lost and stolen badges as well as updating changes to your details.

As of 1 January, all badges will be issued centrally for Scotland and not by individual local authorities. Angus Council will continue to administer the scheme and assess all Blue Badge applications as outlined below.

View further information on the reasons for and benefits of the changes to the Blue Badge Scheme (50 KB PDF) Opens in a new window Opens in a new window.

Use the following document to check your eligibility for a blue badge (50 KB PDF) Opens in a new window Opens in a new window.

The Blue Badge application form was amended as of 1st January 2012. It requests detailed information so that local authorities can process applications more effectively and take informed decisions about whether applicants meet the eligibility criteria or require further assessment.

Applicants should be aware that all documents relating to their application will be dealt with in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. The authority is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers and information provided may be shared within the local authority, with other local authorities, the police and parking enforcement officers to detect and prevent fraud and other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds. Any medical information that you supply to support your application is deemed, under the Data Protection Act, to be "sensitive personal data" and will only be disclosed to third parties as necessary for the operation and administration of the Blue Badge Scheme, and to other Government Departments or agencies to validate proof of entitlement or as otherwise required by law. For more details on Data Protection see this website's National Fraud Initiative - How we use your information page or contact the Head of Legal and Democratic Services at

Download application forms:

Use the Eligibility Checker (50 KB PDF) Opens in a new window Opens in a new window to help decide if you qualify for a Blue Badge and which form to complete then download:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a Blue Badge?

People can apply for a Blue Badge if they are automatically entitled or they can apply under the discretionary entitlement route.

People have an automatic entitlement to a blue badge if they are over the age of two and:

People can apply under the discretionary route if they:

What does it cost?

The badge costs £20 and is normally valid for 3 years. The badge is free for children (those aged 16 or under, or under 19 and still in full time non advanced education i.e. up to and including Scottish Highers or National Certificate). There is also a charge of £4.60 for a replacement badge but again this does not apply when the badge is for a child.

What documents do I have to provide when I apply for a Blue Badge?

All applicants have to provide proof of address and proof of identity.

Proof of address should be in the form of an original Council Tax bill bearing your name and address dated in the last 12 months. If you are not liable for Council Tax, a utility bill or bank statement bearing your name and address, dated in the last 12 months will be acceptable.

Proof of identity must be an original of one of the following.

Do not send or scan original documents. The original documents should be taken to a local ACCESS office for staff to verify, even if you have applied online.

Anyone applying under the automatic route must also supply proof of entitlement as outlined below.

How quickly do I receive my Blue Badge?

As a result of reform measures introduced by Transport Scotland Blue Badges are now issued centrally for the whole of Scotland via a national database.

If you apply for a blue badge and have automatic entitlement you may receive your blue badge within 5 working days.

If you apply for a blue badge under the discretionary route you should allow 28 working days for your application to be assessed to take account of the possibility of an independent mobility assessment. This process means that it can take several weeks for your badge to be processed. You will be advised if your application has been approved or refused.

Independent mobility assessments were introduced from 1 September under the provisions of the Disabled Persons (Badges or Motor Vehicles) (Scotland) Amendment No 2 Regulations 2011. This is to ensure that badges are issued fairly and consistently across the country. These assessments will be undertaken by professional occupational therapists who are trained in assessing mobility needs.

If you have applied for a Blue Badge and you have not received it within the timescales outlined above please contact the ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778 or visit a local ACCESS office.

How and when do I pay for the Blue Badge?

You pay for your Blue Badge once your application has been processed and is successful.

You can pay by:

What are the advantages of a Blue Badge?

It allows you to park close to shops, public buildings and other places you may wish to visit. It also enables you to park free of charge in some designated parking areas.

Where can I use the Blue Badge?

The Rights and Responsibilities booklet (160 KB PDF) Opens in a new window Opens in a new window which is issued with the Blue Badge gives specific details of places where the badge can be used.

There is a maximum fee of £5000 for misusing a blue badge.

What if my Blue Badge is lost, stolen or badly damaged?

If the badge is lost or stolen you will be required to complete a Request for a Replacement Badge form (35 KB PDF) Opens in a new window Opens in a new window which confirms your current details and explains what has happened. You must also report the loss to the police and note the lost property reference number or (if stolen) the crime reference number given to you by the police. You must quote this reference number on the form.

Badge holders can also notify their local authority of a lost or stolen badge via an online facility at

You will have to provide a replacement photograph.

You must also complete the Request for a Replacement Badge form (35 KB PDF) Opens in a new window Opens in a new window if the badge is badly damaged and hand it into a local ACCESS office who will arrange for a replacement to be issued.

There will be a cost of £4.60 for all replacement badges.

Will I be charged for a replacement badge?

Yes, you will be charged £4.60 for a replacement badge. This is to cover the cost of producing and posting out a new badge.

Can I use my badge in other countries?

The scheme is valid throughout the UK and the European Union.

Further information is available on Transport Scotland's website on travelling in Europe and the EU Parking Card.

There are no arrangements for you to use your badge outside the European Union. Countries may be prepared to recognise the blue badge and you should check what concessions are available before travelling to non EU countries.

The scheme is valid throughout the UK and EEC (European Economic Community).

Can I have the Badge for less than 3 years?

You may be entitled to a Blue Badge for a period of less than 3 years (but greater than 1 year) where your disability will last at least 12 months but less than 3 years.

How do I reapply for my Blue Badge once it has expired?

If your Blue Badge is due to expire you must make a new application. You should do so within 4 weeks of your existing Blue Badge expiring. Angus Council do not send out reminders to Blue Badge applicants that their Blue Badge is due to expire.

The introduction of independent mobility assessments from 1 September 2012 may result in some blue badge holders being refused a badge when they reapply because of the more robust and objective assessment.

For those applicants seen by the independent mobility assessors at the time of their first application, the assessor may decide that they do not need to be assessed again when they reapply and this will be noted on the database record accordingly.

Can visitors to the UK use their parking badge within Angus Council?

Visitors from other countries within the European Union and outwith the EU such as USA or Australia can use their parking badge in Angus as long as the badge is in date and they comply with our parking concessions and restrictions (2 MB PDF) Opens in a new window Opens in a new window.

Where can I get further information on the Blue Badge Application Process?

You can get information on the Blue Badge Scheme by visiting any of the council's ACCESS office or by telephoning the Council's ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.

Or Transport Scotland's blue badge website also provides comprehensive information.

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