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Frequently Asked Questions

Investigation of Illness Associated with Food, Water etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have suffered sickness and diarrhoea. What should I do?

First of all, contact your doctor's surgery and make arrangements to submit a stool specimen. You may also wish to make an appointment with your GP.

Then, contact your local Environmental and Consumer Protection office.

If you have any food remains which you think may have caused your illness, please keep this stored in your fridge meantime in such a way as not to contaminate any other food. An Environmental Health Officer will then arrange to speak with you to try and find out how you may have picked up this illness. They will then give appropriate advice and may take samples or carry out an investigation at premises suspected of being implicated. You will be kept informed of the outcome of any such investigation.

Where can I obtain information about food poisoning, Legionella, Salmonella, Giardia, E-coli and/or Crytosporidium?

At your nearest Environmental and Consumer Protection office.

If in doubt, contact the Senior Environmental Health Officer at the Arbroath office (see address below).

Leaflets are also available on the following specific illnesses:

How does Angus Council co-ordinate their functions with the health board and other Tayside local authorities to ensure that the health of people in Tayside is as well protected as possible from the range of infectious and environmental hazards to health?

Angus Council liaises with Dundee City Council, Perth and Kinross Council and NHS Tayside and they have produced the Tayside Joint Public Health Protection Plan.

Who do I contact for further information?

Senior Environmental Health Officer (Food & Safety)

Dewar House
12 Hill Terrace
Arbroath DD11 1AH

Tel: 01241 435600
Fax: 01241 431801

Visit the Health Protection Scotland website.

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Service Details Last Reviewed : 28 October 2013

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