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Performance Reporting

Angus Council believes that customers, citizens and stakeholders should be kept up to date with the performance of its services. This is done through the publication of a number of reports and leaflets detailing the performance of the council and through regular press releases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out about performance?

In 2009 the Council created a new section on its website, called Performance and Annual Reports. The Performance and Annual Reports section aims to both make it easier to find out about how Angus council manages its performance and about how it is currently performing by bringing performance information together in one place. The pages explain how we set our priorities and make sure they are delivered from strategic priorities down to service delivery.

The pages also present performance information in many different ways, from performance measures on the Angus Council Performs pages, to Performance in Committee Reports organised under helpful headings, to the Annual Report and Accounts, to Performance in Council Magazines.

Angus Council also publishes Angus Life which is published by the council three times a year in Spring, Summer and Autumn to provide information on council plans, policies, services and its work with community planning partners.

The Performance and Annual Reports section of the website is also used to ensure that the Council complies with its statutory duty to publish its statutory performance indicators. All statutory performance indicators are published on the Angus Council Performs page.

The Performance and Annual Reports section also explains how Angus council manages its performance in cooperation with its partners in delivering the Angus Community Plan and Single Outcome Agreement. Information on the performance of the Angus Community Planning Partnership is also available on the Community Planning website.

Can I make comment on the council's performance?

We are always pleased to receive feedback on any aspect of our services and our performance is no exception. Comments can be made by telephoning ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778, in writing to the Chief Executive, Angus House, Orchardbank Business Park, Forfar DD8 1AX, or online using the "Enquiries & Requests" link here, or at the top of this page.

How does the council decide what to tell the public about performance?

The Council considers two things when deciding what to report to the public, the first is what the public tells us they want to know, the second is the priorities and principles detailed in the range of strategies, plans and policies that sets the framework for everything the Council does.

The Performance and Annual Reports pages explain how these plans hang together, from the Angus Community Plan and Single Outcome Agreement, Thematic Partnerships, Corporate Plans, Service Improvement Plans down to Operational Plans.

Are there any other measures of performance?

Individual departments also use local performance indicators to manage their services. Local performance indicators are measures which are recorded, monitored and reported to the management of the service to ensure that any issues are identified and dealt with quickly.

Local performance indicators often provide very detailed information at a local level or for particular service users. This information is used in the day to day management of the Council’s services.

How does the council know what the public care most about?

The only way we can find out what the public cares most about and therefore what we should be reporting is if the public tells us! We welcome feedback and gather comments from the public in the following ways:

How does the council know that services are improving?

There are several ways that the Council checks that services are improving. Services themselves assess how they are performing; a process called self-assessment, and also report progress on priority actions within their service improvement plans and on those statutory performance indicators that can be reported on a six-monthly basis. These reports are considered by the Scrutiny and Audit committee as well as service committees and full information can be found in the Performance in Committee Reports pages of the Performance and Annual Reports section.

The Council also uses national standards to continuously improve the work it does. For example the council as a whole achieved Investors in People (IiP) accreditation. The purpose of IiP is to help organisations improve their performance through their employees, so working towards the standards is a way of improving services.

External assessments of our services are of great value and give a broad perspective of our performance and practices. External assessments/inspections are carried out by various agencies and these include:

The council is audited each year by external auditors to ensure compliance with financial, governance, performance management and planning arrangements. As a result of these audits, action plans are produced and monitored to ensure that services improve. The external auditors also carry out follow up audits to ensure that progress has been made.

Who do I contact for further information?

Corporate Improvement Manager

Corporate Improvement Team
Resources Directorate
Angus House
Orchardbank Business Park
Forfar DD8 1AX

Tel: 01307 476093
Fax: 01307 476140
Out of hours telephone: 08452 777 778

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Service Details Last Reviewed : 9 August 2013

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