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Online Library Catalogue

The Horizon Information Portal (HIP) system gives you online access to the catalogue of Angus libraries from any Internet-connected computer or device.

The catalogue contains more than a quarter of a million items.

Library members can use HIP to check their membership records, place requests or to renew items on loan.

Through HIP, library members can also access a range of authoritative reference databases for reliable online information, free of charge and anywhere, anytime.

All users can search HIP to access our Community Information database with listings for hundreds of clubs and organisations throughout Angus.

Online library catalogue

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I search the library catalogue from home?

Yes. You can check the library catalogue from any internet-connected computer or device anywhere, anytime using this link:

Sample Search

How do I find the book I want using the library catalogue?

Use this link to connect to the Horizon Information Portal (HIP):

Choose the catalogue you want to search:

The different methods of searching each catalogue are listed near the top of the screen.

Popular routes into the library catalogue include:

Using a keyword search, you can limit your results to specific types of material, for example large print books or audio books, or for material within particular libraries.

The Combined Search is an advanced feature that allows you to search by more than one field at the same time.

Can I request an item using HIP?

Books and audio books can be requested from any internet-connected device through HIP using this link:

Once you have located the item you require, click Request Item and follow the onscreen instructions.

You will require your library membership card and PIN to place a request.

Readers will be notified when a requested item is ready for collection.

How do I check my library membership record online?

All library members can check their loans, requests and the personal contact details held on file for them through HIP.

Use this link to connect to the Horizon Information Portal (HIP):

From the General Library Catalogue or the Junior/Teenage Catalogue, click the My Account tab and follow the onscreen instructions to log in.

By entering a current library membership card barcode and its corresponding unique PIN, library members can access the following information from their library membership record:

Library members can also change their personal identification number (PIN).

Can I renew library books or audio books online?

Renewals can be made at any time through the Horizon Information Portal (HIP).

Use this link to connect to HIP:

From the General Library Catalogue or the Junior/Teenage Catalogue, click the My Account tab and follow the onscreen instructions to log in.

Select the Checked Out option to view current loans and follow the onscreen prompts to renew items.

You can renew library items a maximum of two times so long as no one else has requested them. After two renewals, you must bring items in to a library to request they be re-issued. Online renewals can only be processed for items on or prior to their due date.

You can also apply to renew your items in person, by telephone or by email, even after they have fallen due. Please contact your local library.

What else can I access via HIP?

The Horizon Information Portal (HIP) provides a gateway to a range of authoritative reference databases for reliable online information free of charge anywhere, anytime.

Resources include Encyclopaedia Britannica Junior (5-11), Student (12-18) and full editions, the Oxford Reference Suite and the UK Newsstand newspaper library and archive.

Visit the Online Library Catalogue or ask at your local library for more information.

What is the Community Information database?

The Community Information database lists hundreds of community organisations and clubs throughout Angus.

Search this database by organisation name or by your area of interest (subject). You will find information on everything in Angus from adoption services to yoga classes.

Contact details are updated regularly and all organisations and groups in Angus are encouraged to submit information. To submit your group's details, please see the Community Information Form (30 KB PDF) Opens in a new window Opens in a new window.

How do I obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

You will require a PIN to use many of the services available via the Horizon Information Portal. Use this link to request a PIN online:

You can also enquire in person at your local library.

Once you have been assigned a PIN by library staff, for your own security we recommend that you use HIP to change it immediately.

Who do I contact for further information?

Contact your local library.

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