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Registering to vote

To take part in any election, you must be on the electoral register – the list of everyone who is registered to vote in a local area.

You are not automatically registered even if you pay council tax.

There are two versions of the electoral register – the full version and the edited version.

Your details appear on the full version of the register, but you can choose to have your details excluded from the edited version.

The full register is used for elections, preventing and detecting crime, and checking applications for credit.

The edited register is available for general sale and can be used for commercial activities such as marketing.

To be entered on the register you must be a British, Irish, Commonwealth or European Union citizen who is resident in the UK.

If you want to register to vote, you should contact the electoral registration officer who is responsible for the registration of electors in Angus.

Information on registering to vote for British Sign Language users is available on the voters with a disability page.

Downloadable versions of registration application forms are available in other languages from

Copies of the register are available for inspection in all libraries in Angus.

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