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What goes in your bins

  1. Grey recycling bin
  2. Green garden waste bin
  3. Brown food waste caddy
  4. Purple general waste bin
  5. White sack supplies

Grey recycling bin

Your grey bin must be out for collection by 7am and be marked with your house number.

Help people with visual impairments by leaving your bin where it won't cause an obstruction - such as at the back edge of the pavement closest to your property.

The grey recycling bin is collected fortnightly - find your collection day. Use it for:


  • newspaper and magazines
  • catalogues and brochures
  • phone directories and Yellow Pages
  • office grade paper and loose shredded paper
  • envelopes
  • paper bags and wrapping paper
  • paper-backed books and posters


  • any type of clean card and cardboard
  • food and drinks cartons
  • greetings cards

Cans (rinsed)

  • all food and drinks cans
  • biscuit tins and empty aerosol cans 
  • foil food trays
  • metal lids


  • all types of plastic bottles 
  • all clean plastic food containers – including yoghurt pots, food trays, ice cream or margarine tubs, fruit punnets
  • plastic plant pots
  • plastic bottle lids


  • bottles and jars
  • broken bottles and jars
Do not put the following materials in the grey bin:


  • food contaminated paper
  • pet used paper
  • metallic wrapping paper


  • food contaminated card
  • paint covered card
  • buckets, oil or paint cans


  • any plastic bags
  • rigid plastics – such as buckets, pipes, toys
  • foam polystyrene packaging
  • bubble wrap or cling film
  • pet food or juice pouches


  • window glass or mirrors
  • Pyrex, ceramics, tableware

Please do not dispose of batteries in your household bins. They pose a fire risk and must be taken to a recycling centre where there are special bins for them.

We do not accepting cabling in our bins. This must be taken to a recycling centre

Please do not put any items in a plastic bag before putting them in the grey bin as plastic bags are viewed as a contaminant.

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