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Licensing of Taxis and Private Hire Car Operators and Taxi and Private Hire Drivers

Undertaking all the administrative arrangements in connection with the licensing, in terms of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, of Taxi and Private Hire Car Operators and Drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Taxi and a Private Hire Car?

A taxi is available for hire in a public place. This means it can wait in a taxi rank or be "hailed" in the street. A private hire car cannot do this and can only be used for hire by private arrangement.

What is the difference between a Vehicle and a Driver's licence?

A vehicle licence is for the car/vehicle to be operated. It is often referred to as an "Operator's Licence". A driver's licence is for the person who will be driving the car/vehicle.

How much does a licence cost?

Taxi/Private Hire Car Drivers

  Duration Fee for Grant Fee for Renewal
Taxi/Private Hire Car Driver
(for new licences and drivers
over the age of 65)
1 Year £116 £97
Taxi/Private Hire Car Driver
(for renewals of licences where drivers
are under the age of 65)
3 Years n/a £245

Taxi/Private Hire Car Operators

  Duration Fee for Grant Fee for Renewal
Taxi/Private Hire Car Operators lodging fee   £110 £92
Substitute/Replacement vehicle test   £92 £92
Vehicle re-test   £58 £58
Plate fee   £28 £28
Cars with meters
Granting fee - (new licences are only granted for one year) 1 Year £317 £268
Granting fee 3 Years n/a £790
Subsequent meter test   £52 £52
Full Vehicle & Meter Re-test   £92 £92
Cars without meters
Granting fee - (new licences are only granted for one year) 1 Year £266 £223
Granting fee 3 Years n/a £664

Note - A granting fee for one year includes one annual test, one re-test and a meter test where applicable. A granting fee for three years includes three annual tests, three re-tests and three meter tests where applicable.

Who does the council ask about my application?

Police Scotland are asked to give the council any information about you which will help us decide if you are a "fit and proper person" to hold a licence. The Head of Corporate Improvement and Finance is also consulted on your application.

How long is a licence for?

All new Licences are granted for 1 year only.

Taxi/Private Hire Renewal Licences are granted for 3 years.

Taxi/Private Hire Operators' Renewal Licences are granted with an option to renew for 1 year or 3 years.

Do I have to pass any tests?

Taxi/Private Hire Drivers are interviewed by Police Scotland as part of their assessment of your fitness as a "fit and proper person" to hold a licence.

Taxi Drivers have to sit a knowledge test of the zone in which they wish to operate, but Private Hire Drivers do not.

If you apply for an Operator's Licence for either a taxi or a private hire car, then your vehicle will be inspected and tested by Police Scotland.

Please note that in terms of the Road Traffic Act 1988 all Taxis and Private Hire vehicles are required to undergo an MOT test 12 months from the date of the vehicles first registration.

Who decides whether or not I can have a licence?

If there are no objections/observations to your application, then it can be dealt with and granted under delegated authority by the Head of Legal and Democratic Services. However, if there are objections or observations from either Police Scotland or the Head of Finance, then your application is submitted to the council's Civic Licensing Committee for consideration by elected Councillors.

Where do I apply for a licence?

Application forms can be obtained as follows:

How long does it take to get a licence?

There is a minimum statutory period of 28 days to allow Police Scotland to carry out their checks. From the date of your application, the council has a period of six months to either grant or refuse your application.

What conditions are attached to a licence?

There are various conditions attached depending on the type of licence you apply for. These will be shown on your licence.

Do I have to have a normal driver's and vehicle licence?

If you are applying for a Driver's Licence, you must have held a current national (DVLA) driving licence for 12 months prior to the date of application.

What area does the licence cover?

Licences for both drivers and operators are split into zones. There are 4 zones within Angus and these are:

You will be asked to state on your application the zone for which you wish a licence.

Can I pick up passengers anywhere?

No. Each driver/operator must either uplift or drop off passengers within the zone for which they have a licence.

What fares can I charge?

The Council has a duty to fix maximum fares or tariffs which apply to taxis. These are based on the start time of the hire and the distance travelled. You cannot charge your passengers more than these fares but you can charge less if you wish. If you are granted an Operator's Licence, then you will be issued with a fare card which indicates the charges for each tariff and this must be displayed in your vehicle.

Do I need a medical?

You will need a medical certificate from a doctor complying with DVLA Group 2 Standards if you are making a new application for a Taxi or Private Hire Car Driver's Licence. Drivers aged 45 or over will require to submit a medical certificate every six years. Drivers aged 65 or over have to submit annual medical certificates. The Council will only be able to accept medical certificates issued by the Licensing Section for completion by your doctor.

Who do I contact for further information?

Licensing Section

Legal and Democratic Services
Angus House
Orchardbank Business Park
Forfar DD8 1AN

Tel: 01307 476252/476254

Service Page: taxilicensing.htm
Service Details Last Reviewed : 28 April 2014

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