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School Placing Request

The administration of enrolments of children in schools other than those serving the area in which they live.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Placing Request?

Every Angus Council school, both primary and secondary, is assigned a geographical area usually referred to as the school's 'delineated area', or sometimes called the 'catchment area'. Places within each school are normally offered to pupils who live within that delineated area.

However, parents also have the right to request a place for their child in another school of their own choosing and this request will usually be granted, except in a number of particular circumstances. (More information about these circumstances, which are laid down in the Education (Scotland) Acts 1980, 1981, 1996 and Standards in Scotland's Schools etc (Scotland) Act 2000 can be found in the Scottish Education Department booklet 'Choosing a School'.)

If a Placing Request is to be refused, what reasons do the council use?

One of the most common reasons why a Placing Request has to be refused is when there are not enough places available in the school. In such cases, applications for admission to the school are prioritised on the following basis:

If the number of spaces available in a school means that within any one category only some Placing Requests have to be refused, applications from children whose address is within Angus will receive first priority. After that, priority is decided by the single factor of distance from home to school. This means that children who live nearest to the requested school will be given priority.

In the case of St Thomas' and St Margaret's Roman Catholic Primary Schools only, the above priorities apply but within any one category priority will be given to pupils who have been baptised into the Roman Catholic Faith. This will be confirmed by inspection of the Baptismal Certificate.

If my Placing Request Application is refused, can I appeal against the decision?

Yes - if you disagree with the decision to refuse your placing request application, you have the right to make an appeal against this. It should be noted that a parent who has lodged an appeal as above may not make a further appeal on behalf of the same child within twelve months of the date of the first appeal. You must lodge any appeal within 28 days of receiving the decision. The Authority will then set up an Appeal Committee which shall have three members, appointed as follows:-

  1. One member who is not a member of the Education Committee
  2. One person drawn on a rota basis from a list of Parent Councils' nominees provided by Angus Parent Councils
  3. One person with experience in Education

Membership of the committee will not be open to anyone who has already considered your placing request application. Likewise, parents and teachers at the school of your choice, and the school proposed by the Authority, are not eligible to serve on the appeal committee considering that request.

The appeal committee must say whether it agrees that there is a good reason for refusing your placing request, and whether it is right to refuse the request. If they do not think that one of the reasons applies or think that the placing request should be granted, the appeal committee will inform the Authority that your child should be admitted to the school of your choice and the Authority must implement this decision.

The appeal committee will inform you and the Authority in writing of its decision. If this confirms the Authority's decision, you will also be informed in writing of the right to appeal to the Sheriff.

What is the process involved in making an appeal to the Sheriff?

An appeal to the Sheriff must be lodged with the Sheriff Clerk within 28 days of receiving the appeal committee's decision. The appeal will be dealt with in private. The Sheriff will decide first whether the Authority refused the request for one of the reasons allowed by law. If he/she decides that this was not the case, he/she will overturn the Authority's original decision and grant the placing request. However, even where he/she decides that the Authority had good reason, the Sheriff will consider whether the request should, nevertheless, be granted. The Sheriff's decision is final. Liability for the expenses of an appeal will be determined by the Sheriff.

Will my child get transport if my Placing Request is accepted?

Parents who have made successful Placing Requests for their children to attend a school other than the school serving their area have to make their own home to school transport arrangements for their children.

I am moving house. Can my child stay at their present school, as I now live outside the catchment area?

Normally this is the case and you should contact the current school to advise of your change of address. You will however, receive a letter formally confirming that your new address lies outside the school's catchment area and you will be responsible for transporting your child to and from school.

Who do I contact for further information?

ACCESSLine 08452 777 778

Education Department
Angus House
Orchardbank Business Park
Forfar DD8 1AE


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