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Frequently Asked Questions

Burial Grounds

There are a total of 73 burial locations, which are operated by Angus Council. There are 15 cemeteries, and the remainder are classed as churchyards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the burial ground charges in Angus?

Purchase of up to 3 lairs in one of Angus Council Burial Grounds can be done at any time, ensuring that you and your family have a resting place in a suitable location.

For further information please contact our Burial Grounds Administration Team (address below).

Interments - Coffins £
14 years and under No charge
Over 14 years 570.90
Over 14 years (outwith Angus charge) 856.30
Stillborn Children No charge
Interments - Cremation Caskets £
Cremation Casket Interment (under 14 years) No charge
Interment at four foot 182.50
Interment in coffin lair over four foot 370.15
Interment at four foot (outwith Angus charge) 273.85
Interment in coffin lair over four foot (outwith Angus charge) 555.25
Exhumation Fees £
Exhumation Fee for Coffin
(One coffin in lair)
Exhumation Fee for Cremation Casket
from a Cremation Casket Lair

Weekend etc. interments

No interments on Saturdays, Sundays or Public Holidays except in exceptional circumstances.

Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays or when preparation is undertaken on such days - 50% additional charge.


All graves to be lined with artificial grass mats involving no additional cost.

Lair Charges £
Lair Charge - per lair 531.85
Lair Charge - per lair (Outwith Angus Charge) 797.60
Lair Charge for Cremated Remains lair for interment of NVF or SBC No charge
Lair Charge for Cremated Remains only - per lair 302.55
Lair Charge for Cremated Remains only - per lair (Outwith Angus Charge) 453.50
Lair Registry Certificate 19.75
Transfer of Burial Rights 19.75
Erection of Memorials £ (ex VAT)
Charge up to 3' high memorials
with 3' wide base
Extra for every additional foot
in height or width of base
Memorials using anchor fixing method 31.40
Marker/Plaques etc. 31.40
Replacement memorials 31.40

Headstone Notes

NOTE: Outwith Angus charges will apply to persons whose normal residence was outwith Angus -

Outwith Angus charges will not apply -

Who do I contact for further information?

For all areas, please contact:

Angus Council
Burial Grounds Administration
William Wallace House
Orchard Loan
Forfar DD8 1WH

Tel: 01307 476069
Fax: 01307 469780

Angus Council's Burial Records are now available at Alternatively, you may contact Angus Archives at or 01307 468644 who will be able to assist as part of their fee based research service.

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Service Details Last Reviewed : 31 March 2014

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