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Road Construction Consents (RCC)

Authorisation for construction of new roads, footways, etc under Section 21 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984.

Download forms:

Note: the following forms have been Typewriter Enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am developing a site. Do I require Road Construction Consent (RCC)?

RCC is normally required for new roads associated with industrial or commercial developments as well as housing sites with more than 5 properties, however contact the Roads Business Unit (address below) for further advice.

How do I gain Road Construction Consent (RCC)?

It is always advisable to employ a suitably capable consultant to provide assistance. Forms are available from the Roads Business Unit (address below) or online (links above). We always welcome pre-application meetings to save on abortive work.

Where can I find application forms?

The application forms (CC1 - Application Form, CC2 - List of persons required to be informed & CC3 - Form for informing interested parties) are available online (links above) or from the Roads Business Unit (address below). Complete the forms and return CC1 and CC2 with your plans. The CC3 form should be distributed to the required interested parties.

Who should be sent a copy of the CC3 form?

The people to be informed for RCC is not the same as required for Planning Permission. Only inform people whose ground shall be directly next to or part of the new road, footway or verge should be sent a copy of form CC3 and their names and addresses included in Form CC2.

What should I send in with my RCC application?

You should forward the completed CC1 and CC2 forms along with 3 paper copies of the plans. Please mark the CC2 form with "NONE" even if nobody is required to be informed.

Can I email my RCC application?

You can email the plans to, however the signed forms need to be sent by post to the Roads Business Unit (address below).

What Plans do you need for my RCC application?

The required plans are:

Road Layout1:500
Longitudinal Sections - Roads1:500 Horz
Drainage Layout inc SUDS1:500
Street Lighting Layout1:500
Standard DetailsVarious: Typically 1:10

A location plan must be included either separately or on the road layout plan - Scale 1:1250 or 1:2500. This is the preferred amount of drawings required. Some projects may require more or less depending on the size and nature of the project.

Longitudinal Sections should contain a list of levels, to 3 decimal points, of the existing ground profile, the proposed centreline and both channels, a horizontal and vertical diagram of the alignment, all in relation to the chainage that should run along the centreline of the new road. The levels should be at 10m chainages and also at points where there are changes in the alignment, both vertical and horizontal. The scales are typically 1:500 horz. - 1:50 vert.

Standard Details include cross-sectional details of kerbing, manholes, gullies, SUDS features, typical service layout in footway/service strip and typical cross-section of the road and footways. Plan details of tactile paving, lining at junctions, cycletrack lining, etc should also be included. All of these should be dimensioned and fully detailed with the latest BS for materials and specifications.

All plans should have a:

  1. Title Box - which includes:
    • Development Name
    • Developer
    • Scale
    • Drawing Date
    • Individual drawing number suffixed with amendment number ie. "ABC/123a"
  2. Display a north point if in plan.
  3. Display individual scales if not that shown in the title box.

A materials specification for the street lighting should also be included.

The surface water Drainage Proposal should be in accordance with Scottish Planning Policy and Angus Council's adopted document entitled "Drainage Assessment, A Guide for Scotland" (downloadable from SEPA's website).

If you have any further queries then please contact the Roads Business Unit (address below).

I have Road Construction Consent. Can I start building houses?

Not withstanding any other permissions or conditions required, i.e. Planning Permission, Building Warrants, etc, under "The Security for Private Roadworks (Scotland) Regulations" you cannot start building houses until a bond is lodged and accepted by the Local Authority. If you are a housing association or the road is for commercial businesses, i.e. Business Park, you may not require one. Your RCC conditions shall indicate if you require a bond, and if so, the value required.

I am required to provide a Road Bond for a proposed housing development. What is this?

A Road Bond is required under "The Security for Private Roadworks (Scotland) Regulations". It is a security that is held by the council and can be used by the council to complete a road if the Developer has failed to comply with the RCC conditions. The Road Bond can be either a security from a bank or other security company, or the amount in cash, in the form of a cheque. If the bond is a cheque, then the money will be held in an account where it shall gain interest. The bond value can be lowered at stages as set in the above regulations. When reaching these stages it is the responsibility of the developer to request that the bond be lowered. The Council will calculate a revised bond value and inform the developer of the new revised value. If cash has been deposited as a bond then a cheque will be sent to the bond holder with the accrued interest.

Do you have an example of a bond for my bank to complete?

Contact Roads Business Unit (address below) who will arrange to provide you with a Bond in the Councils standard style. Contact details, including email addresses for yourself and your guarantor will be required.

I have started building my development and didn't realise that I needed a bond. What do I do now?

Stop work immediately and contact the Roads Business Unit (address below).

Who do I contact for further information?

Traffic Engineer (Development Control)

Traffic Section
Roads Business Unit
County Buildings
Market Street
Forfar DD8 3WR

Tel: 01307 473279
Fax: 01307 473388

Plans can be sent by email to

Out of hours tel: CLARENCE 0800 23 23 23 or ACCESSLine 08452 777 778

Download forms:

Service Page: roadconstructionconsents.htm
Service Details Last Reviewed : 5 August 2013

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