Register, renew and pay for garden waste collection

There is an annual charge of £30 per bin for garden waste collection. There are no exemptions or concessions. You can subscribe at any time during the year.

Commercial customers can use the same sign up process as a household.

You can share a bin with a neighbour(s), but one person must register and pay for the service and the bin will be collected at one address. Any sharing agreement is a private matter and does not involve the council.

There is no limit to the number of bins each property can have, however you will need to take out a subscription for each bin you want emptied.

The last collection of 2020 will be on Friday 27 November. The first collection of 2021 will be on Monday 8 February.

pay for your garden waste collection

You will be given a sticker with your address to attach to your bin so we know who has paid the subscription. Bins without a valid sticker will not be collected.

Your sticker may take up to five working days to arrive. Please also allow seven working days from payment date to collections starting to allow routes to be updated.

This is to allow delivery of stickers and collection routes to be updated.

Visit our find your collection day page to see if you are in a designated collection area and to find out when your bin will be uplifted.

Collections are not available in more rural areas or where road end collections are in place.

You can cancel the service at any time, but we will not issue any refunds for part years.

If you move house the subscription is not transferable.  All bins should be left at the named address.  No refunds will be issued. 

If you want to join the service at your new address you will need to take out a new subscription.

If you don't have space for a bin but would like to use the service, we can visit your property to consider alternative storage points, containers or give you branded compostable paper sacks for your subscription fee. Contact us via our general enquiries form.

If you currently receive the assisted collection service, this will automatically continue.

If we break your green bin or it suffers from general wear and tear, we will replace it free of charge. If damage is caused by misuse or by a third party then there will be a charge.