Donate unwanted household goods and furniture

We can arrange special uplifts of bulky household items.

Or you can donate unwanted furniture to the following organisations:

    You can also swap or give away items on Freecycle.

    Starter Packs Angus assists people to set up home with packs of household goods and bedding. You can donate the following items at their cabin at Forfar Recycling Centre:

    • crockery and cutlery
    • glassware
    • pots and pans
    • kitchen utensils
    • cleaning equipment and materials
    • bed linen and bedding
    • towels and bathmats
    • clocks, mirrors and lightbulbs
    • curtains and rugs
    • toiletries

    All items must be clean and in good condition. Call 01307 469370 or email for more information.