Missed garden waste bin

Information on missed garden waste collections will be available on our missed bins update page.

We will not return for bins which are:

  • contaminated
  • overweight
  • overfull
  • not out by 7am on collection day

Bins which are not displaying a valid sticker will not be collected.

No refunds will be given for missed collections

If we miss your bin we will return for it in two to three working days after it is reported.

In severe weather we will do our best to return for missed collections, but this may not be until the next scheduled delivery day. 

In cold weather garden waste can become frozen – we will try to return for bins. If this is not possible or the waste remains frozen on our return visit, we will return on the next collection day.  

As the service stops over the winter, it may be necessary to keep garden waste in your green bin during this time – this will not cause smells nor attract pests.