Buy a commercial waste disposal ticket

There is a charge for the disposal of any waste to the general waste, garden, soil/turf, wood, plasterboard or rubble skips at our recycling centres using a pre-paid waste disposal ticket system.

The tickets can be purchased online:

buy a commercial waste disposal ticket

After completing the form you will receive a separate email for each ticket you purchased. Print these off and bring them with you when you go to the recycling centre.

Charges are based on the size of the van used to transport the waste, with tickets available for three different categories of vehicle size.

Please Note:

  • tickets must be given to the attendant before off-loading waste into skips
  • tickets must correspond to the correct vehicle type (as illustrated below)
  • a ticket must be produced for each load. For example, a loaded van towing a full trailer requires two tickets ‒ one for each load

Ticket costs are as follows:

Category Price (inc VAT per load)
Car based vans Car based van



Medium vans
(up to and including 7.5cu metre
Medium van


Trailers (up to two tonnes)
nb - a loaded trailer and a loaded
towing vehicle require a
separate voucher for each.



Large capacity vans
(over 7.5cu metre capacity)
Large van