Organise a community clean up

First, decide on the area that you want to clean-up. It could be a favourite local landmark, a beach or a nature trail.

Find out who the landowner is before you do anything else. You’ll need their permission for the clean-up.

Next, call us on 03452 777 778 to discuss your clean-up plans with a local waste management inspector. They will offer help and advice.

We can provide equipment like litter pickers, high-visibility vests, bin bags and disposable gloves.

We’re happy to collect the litter and waste from your clean-up. You should arrange this with your local waste management inspector, before your clean-up.

You can also get involved in the Adopt-A-Street scheme - a partnership between local communities and the council.

If you are organising a clean-up you are responsible for assessing risks. You must put measures in place to make sure participants are safe and take care. Again, we can offer help and advice.

Warn participants that if they find any drug paraphernalia they must not touch it. Contact us via ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778 to arrange its collection and disposal.

If our offices are closed, call Police Scotland on 101. There’s more on our safe disposal of discarded needles page.