Local Authority Covid-19 Economic Recovery (LACER) Funding

On 21 February 2022 the Scottish Government announced a new £80 million Local Authority Covid Economic Recovery (LACER) Fund targeting support for businesses and communities as part of the next phase of the pandemic.

The guiding policy intent of this funding is to support local economic recovery and cost of living impacts on low-income households.

Councils have complete flexibility on how and when they use these funds but potential areas of usage suggested in the guiding principles include:

  • Interventions that support local economic recovery and contribute to businesses being able to move from surviving the period of trading restrictions towards recovery, growth, adaptation and building resilience;
  • Projects that can rebuild consumer confidence and stimulate demand and economic activity in their specific contexts; and
  • Support to low-income households, that are disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and the current cost of living crisis, become more economically active.

Angus Council LACER funding will be directed towards the following themes:

  • Child Poverty
  • Fuel Poverty/Cost of living
  • Food Poverty
  • Climate Change/Transport Poverty
  • Town Centres - Economic Growth

Four immediate proposals have been approved that will support our lowest-income households, particularly families, with the increasing costs of living, increasing the income people have to spend in the local economy and prioritising our town centres, encouraging collaboration and economic growth. See Angus Council report 180/22 for further detail.

Food poverty

This is a one-off grant being made available to eligible local charities and community organisations across Angus to support vulnerable communities affected by food poverty and connect them with the support they need.

Applications have now closed.