Place-Based Investment Programme Fund


Terms and conditions: general guidelines for grant recipient

1. Background

Angus Council has been awarded a total of £624,000 in funding from the Scottish Government under Year 2 of the Place Based Investment Programme (PBIP).

These guidelines apply where the Council intends to provide funding to a group to carry out an agreed project under the Place Based Investment Programme. Only those projects agreed at the Council meeting of 17 August 2022 are eligible. There is no opportunity to submit new project bids at this point in time, however further information on the process for future year funding will follow in early course.

2. Information required from applicants

The Council is accountable to the Scottish Government for use of the PBIP money and must therefore ensure that these public funds are used appropriately, transparently and for their intended purpose. We want the governance around this to be as light touch as possible so have prepared the guidelines below, online application form) and two simple monitoring and evaluation forms to achieve this.

No funding will be provided to any group without submission of the grant application form and agreement to comply with the terms and conditions set out in these guidelines.

3. Capital expenditure

The PBIP money requires to be spent on projects which would be counted as capital expenditure in the council’s accounts. This is a condition of the funding from Scottish Government. In simple terms, capital expenditure is spending on an asset which will provide benefits for a number of years into the future.

In the event that some planned spend is not capital expenditure we will discuss this with you. Funding can only be provided for capital expenditure.

4. Timing of spending

The PBIP conditions require the funds to be spent or at least committed (i.e. contract let) by 31 March 2023. Any expenditure must be spent in full by 31 August 2023 at the very latest. Any funds not spent by that date will require to be handed back to Scottish Government. You must ensure you can comply with these timescales. The council reserves the right to withdraw its offer of funding if your group fails to demonstrate that it will achieve these timescales.

The grant application form asks you to provide a best estimate of when you expect to commit and spend your funding allocation, so we know what your plans are. The council requires you to provide two progress reports during the life of your project (see below).

5. Quotations for works

Unless agreed otherwise with the council groups will be expected to obtain at least two quotes for any works to be undertaken to deliver their project through a fair and transparent bidding process. This is essential to ensure proper use of public funds. Contractors to be used should be those assessed as providing the best value for money.

6. Release of funds

Funds will be payable on receipt of invoice and proof of spend. If required a proforma can be accepted if funds are required to assist with cashflow of the project.  A funding payment schedule will be included in the agreement. If your spend profile changes while you carry out the project the applicant will be required to put this in writing for the schedule to be revised. Unless specifically required we would expect to release funding in stages in line with your spend profile.

7. Progress reports - monitoring and evaluation

The council is required to provide progress and evaluation reports to the Scottish Government in March 2023 and September 2023 covering all of the PBIP projects. As a condition of providing PBIP funding the Council therefore requires groups to provide progress reports using the monitoring and evaluation forms provided. These will be required in early September and end of December 2023 to feed into the reporting to Scottish Government. We may also require additional information about the success and impact of your project after September 2023 as part of future measurement of outcomes.

Please ensure you keep records of costs incurred and invoices paid using the PBIP monies. Evidence of expenditure and proof of payment will be required as part of the monitoring and reporting process.

8. Delivery of agreed projects

The funding provided to your group under the PBIP 2022-23 must only be used to deliver the project(s) which have been stated in the application form and written into the agreement and for no other purpose. Should elements of the project change, a new proposal must be sent in writing and agreed by Angus Council. Any spending not agreed will be deemed ineligible. PBIP funding will require to be repaid if it has not been used to deliver agreed projects.

9. Failure to comply with grant conditions

PBIP funding will be withheld and may be withdrawn in the event that a group fails to comply with the terms and conditions set out in these guidelines and cannot correct this when asked to do so. Failure to comply with the grant conditions could also result in any monies provided requiring to be repaid. We expect that regular dialogue between the council and groups using PBIP funding will ensure these scenarios are unlikely to arise.

10. Procedure for cancelling the award of a grant

The applicant may terminate the grant agreement with immediate effect by written notice to the council. In such event, the applicant shall repay to the council the whole grant paid to it by the council and the council will be under no obligation to pay any part of the grant to the applicant.

11. VAT

The grant conditions from Scottish Government state “that the eligible costs exclude reclaimable Value Added Tax”. The VAT status of groups undertaking projects will be relevant to how VAT is dealt with. The position is complex, and these guidelines can’t cover all eventualities so we will discuss any potential VAT issues with you upon receipt of your grant application form, so all parties know what issues need to be considered and addressed.  

12. Restrictions

No part of any PBIP funding shall be used to fund any activity or material which is party political in intention, use, or presentation or appears to be designed to affect support for a political party.

13. Help and support

The council wants to support your group as fully as it can with delivery of your agreed project so if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch as follows: -

Relevant Officer Contact Details; Helen Reid


14. Information to be Returned to Angus Council

Progress Report – please return 31 March 2023

Evaluation and Monitoring Form –please return 31 September 2023