Community Plan 2017 - 2030

The Community Plan is the Angus Community Planning and Locality Implementation Partnership tool put in place to tackle the things that matter most to people and will make a positive difference to people in Angus.

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Communities lie at the heart of community planning: they can and do achieve things for themselves, and we need to build on this and increase the level of influence and control that local people have over the decisions and services that have an impact on their lives. Working together makes it easier to improve outcomes and tackle the inequalities that some people experience.

The framework below sets out the building blocks for our work together to achieve the vision for Angus. It is based on the five national strategic objectives and our three cross-cutting themes of economy, people and place. At the core are four priorities. We all need to focus on these as they are fundamental to improving outcomes in Angus.

Our vision

Angus is a great place to live, work and visit

National objectives

  • wealthier and fairer
  • smarter
  • healthier
  • safer and stronger
  • greener

Our priorities

  • reducing child poverty

  • improving mental health and wellbeing

  • improving accessibility and connectivity

Our cross-cutting themes

  • economy
  • people
  • place

Our local outcomes

  • an inclusive and sustainable economy
  • a reduced carbon footprint
  • attractive employment opportunities
  • more opportunities for people to achieve success
  • an enhanced, protected and enjoyed natural and built environment
  • the best start in life for children
  • safe, secure, vibrant and sustainable communities
  • a skilled and adaptable workforce
  • improved physical, mental and emotional health and well being

Video stories

Take a look at the work that's taken place over the last two years. This work is ongoing and we'll add new video stories as they become available.

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