Angus joint child poverty local action plan

Current activity

The mapping of current activity was extremely varied and detailed with regards to the services available in Angus. In order to focus the priorities the mapping was done in relation to the 3 poverty drivers. During the co-production session at the Child Poverty Summit 2019 the following elements were considered but under Short, Medium and Long Term to enable prioritisation:-

  • reduce poverty between now and 2030
  • does not reduce poverty before 2030 but has a potentially longer term preventative outcome
  • does not reduce poverty before 2030 but will improve wellbeing of families experiencing poverty now

Key work undertaken in the past year includes:-

Income from employment:

  • prevention activities for Families
  • family support
  • mock interviews with 4th year High School Pupils
  • employability services
  • women Offending & Youth Justice
  • literacy and numeracy, including financial literacy/Digital literacy/Life Skills (health and wellbeing)/Family learning/ESOL
  • youth work - community based activities
  • Discretionary Childcare Fund
  • Pupil Equity Fund investment

Costs of living

  • Holiday Hunger
  • Safe and Together
  • Youth Support
  • improved referral pathways for families in need
  • housing development considerations 
  • communities – learning and development
  • health improvement

Income from social security and benefits in kind

  • corporate parenting
  • Best Start Grant (BSG) Pregnancy and Baby Payment
  • Welfare Rights Service, including MacMillan Cancer Support project and Universal Credit support.
  • Financial Inclusion Referral Pathways
  • Advice Centre, Ninewells Hospital
  • SG Best Start Grant and Baby Box Scheme
  • financial education
  • Scottish Welfare Fund
  • income maximisation/debt/budgeting advice/welfare reform mitigation/appeal representation
  • automation of benefits

Current activity examples

Communities adult learning

  • 63 adult learning groups
  • 25 adult achievement awards
  • 86 SQA awards
  • 107 adult participants
  • 93 group
  • 998 one-to-one supports supported

Youth work

  • 13 youth work projects
  • 513 young people registered
  • 42 dynamic youth awards

Welfare rights financial gains and activities 2017/18

  • £6,015,209 total gain for people of Angus
  • 269 debt cases
  • £725,000 debt rescheduled
  • 2438 welfare rights cases
  • 278 represented appeals

Community fun days/providing meals in school holidays

  • 435 families participating in Brechin
  • 150 children attending daily
  • 4 agencies working in partnership