Tay Region Child Poverty Summit

Held at Discovery Point, Dundee, 28 February 2019



9am - Registration and coffee

9:30am - Open and Welcome: Hannah McCulloch Improvement Service 

9:40am – Child Poverty in Tayside – Prof. Stephen Sinclair SPIRU:  Overview of rates of child poverty in Tayside and sources of data that might inform a local needs assessment

10am - Local Perspective Input from 3 Local Authorities & NHS Tayside's Public Health Directorate based on the priorities 

10:50am – Child Poverty Local Action Report – Session 1. NHS Health Scotland facilitated a session to discuss current work (local authority tables together) i.e. based on what has been presented and what you know about activity in your area – what are the gaps and the priorities going forward.

12 noon – Child Poverty Local Action Report – Session 2
Co-creating the future interventions & Future Activity (mixed tables) i.e.     learning from each other about what works and where priorities for     future action     might lie and identify the possible areas of Tayside collaboration

12:45pm - Feedback

1pm - Networking Lunch