The Adopt-A-Street scheme is an idea developed by community groups in Angus who want to make a difference to the places that are important to them.

By working together, communities and the council can help prevent a build-up of litter and encourage everyone to care about their own neighbourhood and/or their special place.

We provide a litter picker and hoop to all volunteers who sign up for the scheme. You choose the area you care about and want to adopt.

If you are a community group, we can supply you with up to 10 pickers and five hoops.

Provide us with your contact details and let us know where you want to clean when you collect your litter and hoop from your local access office.

Anyone who wants to participate in helping clean a place they care about can join the scheme. It might be your street, your local park or simply a path you use regularly.

We will continue to clean public places - we can work together to keep Angus a beautiful place to live and visit.

You can use your purple bin at home or a litter bin for the rubbish you collect. If the volume of litter you are collecting is an issue for you, please get in touch with us at or call 03452 777 778 so we can help.

We also operate a scheme for groups and organisations undertaking one off clean up sessions. You'll find more information on what we provide on our community clean up page.

If you're organising, or taking part in a clean up, please follow these safety tips:

  • only work during daylight hours and never walk in the road
  • be aware of traffic at all times
  • wear gloves if handling litter and always wash your hands after litter picking
  • supervise children at all times
  • consider wearing a luminous jacket
  • don’t overfill bags or carry anything too heavy
  • small and often is good for you and great for the environment

Do not attempt to remove:

  • syringes or hypodermic needles
  • suspected toxic/hazardous substances

Please contact ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778 to report these immediately. There’s more on our safe disposal of discarded syringes page.