Attending or speaking at a committee or council meeting

Council meetings are currently being live-streamed on YouTube. 

To view visit the Angus Council Live channel.

The public and press are welcome to attend committee and council meetings.

There are seats at the back of the council chamber for the public.

Occasionally, we may have to sit in private for legal or confidentiality reasons. The committee papers will indicate if an item is to be taken in private. 

You have the opportunity to address any of our committee or full council meetings except the Development Management Review Committee. If you wish to address the Development Standards Committee on a planning matter you will be advised by the Clerk of the procedure for this.

This allows the councillors to hear the views of people who may be affected by a decision they are about to take.

If you want to speak at a meeting you should email by 5pm on the working day before the meeting.

Please state what subject you want to speak about and what you want us or the committee to do.

Your request will be put to the members of the council or committee at the beginning of the meeting.

Your deputation should be no more than 10 people.

Up to two people can speak at the meeting for up to 10 minutes and this can be followed by questions from councillors.

If the subject relates to an item of business on the agenda for the meeting, no debate or discussion is allowed to take place among the councillors until the item is reached on the agenda.