Carnoustie and District By-election 2011

Brian Boyd (Independent), has been elected to serve in the Carnoustie and District Ward of Angus Council.

The number of first preference votes received by each candidate is as follows:

Brian Boyd (Independent) 1252
Charles Goodall (Scottish Liberal Democrats) 93
Ed Oswald (Scottish National Party (SNP)) 1289
Ron Thoms (Scottish Labour Party Candidate) 258
Eddie Wilmott (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) 217

No candidate gained the requisite quota at the first stage. Under the single transferable vote system where no candidate reaches the quota on the first round when all first preferences have been counted, the candidate with the least votes is eliminated and their second preference votes redistributed. If no candidate reaches the quota at the second stage, the same process will be repeated eliminating the next candidate with the fewest votes until a candidate reaches the quota and is elected to fill the vacancy.

Brian Boyd was elected at stage 5 with 2113 votes.

The total valid vote was 3109.

The quota required was 1555.

The percentage poll was 31%

Please note that the declaration of results shows the correct total of 19 ballot papers rejected but the breakdown shows 20. The Returning Officer initially rejected a ballot for the reason "on which the figure "1" standing alone is not placed so as to indicate a first preference for some candidate." However, after discussion with candidates and agents this ballot paper was subsequently accepted.

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