Help for voters with a disability

Partially sighted and blind voters

For voters who are partially sighted a large print registration form (170 KB PDF) is available to download from the Electoral Commission website.

In the polling station there are large-print versions of the ballot paper. A hand-held copy which can be taken into the polling booth is available from the presiding officer on request. A magnifying card is also available.

The slot on the top of the ballot box is highlighted with white markings to make it easier to insert ballot papers.

Voters who are blind can vote in secret. A special voting device which fits onto the front of the ballot paper is available from the polling station staff who will be happy to explain how to use it.

If you have a disability and require assistance to cast your vote you can take a companion with you to the polling station or you can ask the presiding officer at the polling station for help. If you are assisted by a companion they must be a registered elector or be your spouse, civil partner, parent, brother, sister or child and be aged 18 years of age and over. Your companion will be asked to complete and sign a declaration form which will be issued by the presiding officer. Your companion may only assist one more elector at an election if they have already assisted you.  

Alternatively you could apply for a postal vote to allow you to vote from home.