Candidates and agents hub

The Scottish Parliamentary elections will be held on Thursday 6 May 2021.

Standing at the constituency election

For information on standing as a candidate in the Scottish Parliamentary elections please visit the Electoral Commission’s website where you will find guidance and resources for candidates and their agents. 

If you wish to stand for election as a constituency MSP you can download an nomination pack and the Constituency Returning Officers local guidance notes below: 

These are also available to download from the Electoral Commission’s website along with candidates and agents guidance documents and including information on spending and donations.   

Alternatively, you can contact the Election Office to request a pack to be sent to you. 

Nominations will be accepted by the Constituency Returning Officer between 10am and 4pm on any working day from Tuesday 16 March 2021. Due to Coronavirus restrictions, candidates are asked to contact the Election Office to make an appointment for the delivery of nomination packs and further information is contained in the Constituency Returning Officer’s local guidance notes.

The deadline for submission of nomination papers is 4pm on Wednesday 31 March 2021

The Constituency Returning Officer will hold a virtual meeting with candidates and agents after the close of nominations to discuss the local arrangements for holding the poll. 

Standing at the regional election

For more information about standing at the regional election please visit the Electoral Commission’s website

The Regional Returning Officer for the North East Scotland Region is the Returning Officer for Aberdeen City Council.