Our decisions and appeals

If you would like an explanation of our decision on the amount you receive, or if you disagree with the decision, please write to the Head of Corporate Improvement and Finance, PO Box 6621, Bruce House, Wellgate, Arbroath DD11 9AX. You must do this within one month of the date of the decision notice for Housing Benefit and within two months of the date of the decision notice for Council Tax reduction.

You can:

  • ask for the decision to be looked at again ‒ you must state why you think the decision is wrong
  • appeal against the decision

Council Tax Reduction Review

    If you are dissatisfied with the Council Tax reduction decision you can request a review.

    First write to us within 2 months of the decision. Please provide as much information as possible as to why you do not agree with our decision. We will inform you of the outcome within 2 months.

    If you still remain dissatisfied you can request a further review to an independent panel by contacting the Council Tax Reduction Review Panel:

    Email ctrrpadmin@scotcourtstribunals.gov.uk or call 0141 302 5840.